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    Solid Foundations for a Secure Future

    Download our free guide and learn how to protect your business.
    Solid Foundations for a Secure Future

    The digital era requires a new approach to security.

    The volume and complexity of threats facing today’s businesses continue to grow by the day.

    Now, with the rise of remote working and enterprise mobility, organizations are finding themselves exposed to a huge wave of brand-new cybersecurity threats.

    With the number of devices connecting to shared databases on the rise, a company’s security is only as strong as its weakest link. One data breach is all it takes to do untold damage, both financial and reputational.

    The responsibility for document security can no longer be placed solely on the IT department; protecting your valuable assets and information requires a truly comprehensive approach that includes all aspects of the company's print and document solutions infrastructure.

    Your guide to securing what’s most valuable

    Your guide to securing what’s most valuable

    To learn about the latest threats and the solutions to protect yourself from them, check out our eBook, using insights only a “Major Player” can give you.

    Our security expertise to help you

    Check out our series of security-related articles which provide expert insights into how to protect your business.

    • Things to look for in a safe printing solution

      When it comes to choosing a secure printing solution, Kyocera points to three key factors: confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

    • The balance between job mobility and security

      What was sufficient to protect our data yesterday no longer suffices due to the volume of new security threats.

    • Security threats facing companies post-COVID-19

      With employees working from home the number of cyberthreats facing organizations continues to grow.

    Discover how to secure your data

    Check out our new infographic which explains the security threats facing today’s organizations.

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